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Simple and effective remediation of Excel Spreadsheets for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

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Quick and easy generation of validation documentation for your Excel spreadsheets with just a few mouse clicks.

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Simple and effective remediation of Access databases for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.


Purpose-built solution designed to help you monitor, track and manage your company's data integrity compliance status.


Secure your lab/instrument files with continuous monitoring, workflow management and Part 11 compliance.

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Store all your enterprise content in one centralized repository, with a single version of the truth.

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Paperless management of training records for improved compliance and productivity.

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Automate engineering data management for improved efficiency, productivity and compliance.

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  • Implement a Paperless Data Integrity Program using IntegPro
    Automate your data integrity assessment program using IntegPro. IntegPro features configurable assessment questions, along with several help tools to enable the assessor to appropriately answer questions, and a built-in workflow with reviews and approvals out of the box.

    Thursday, March 12, 11:00AM ET

  • An E-Signature Solution for Excel Spreadsheets
    Implement e-signatures for existing or new Excel spreadsheets.

    Thursday, May 7, 11:00AM ET

  • Make your Legacy Lab/Instrument Software Part 11 Compliant
    Firms often have legacy lab/instrument software that is not Part 11 compliant. LabMonitor offers an effective method to make these applications Part 11 compliant while also securing the data files that they generate.

    Thursday, May 21, 10:00AM ET


FDA Warning Letter

"Due to this unrestricted access, there is no assurance that the formulas in the Excel spreadsheets are accurate and valid."

cost of propecia

The most important aspect of this drug-induced baldness is the rapid and complete relief. Propecia has been found to be 100 % effective in reducing baldness and reduction of scalp irritation, and the most important side effect (acute baldness) has not been found to be serious (S. S. Rajkumar, H. S. Sathya, J. S. Rajkumar, Medical Council of India, 2003). The side effects in patients with benign or no neoplasms of a benign nature can be of long-term nature and it is recommended that the patient keep taking the medicine for a minimum of 3 years after stopping it, to avoid permanent changes. The medication is available in prescription and can be prescribed by the doctor, or by other medical personnel while he is being examined and treated for a case of benign neoplasms. It is also recommended to take the treatment at home, with the consent of an informed individual. Hair loss – Propecia used as a treatment for premature hair loss in male pattern baldness and other hair disorders. The treatment also reduces the number of follicles which will be damaged for the next several years. This is due to the reduction in the synthesis of testosterone through increased levels of the pro-androgen dihydrotestosterone, due to the decrease in the level of the male hormone which is responsible for hair loss. The treatment of premature hair loss is very important, if a person is going to get bald in 10 years time and he has a risk of developing another disease. Propecia is very expensive and usually very difficult to obtain. The treatment of premature hair loss needs to be considered carefully before use. It takes 2 hours to complete treatment and it is not recommended for hair loss during treatment, as the patient should not be given the treatment until the end of his treatment. Inositol is a steroid, which blocks the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Inositol is produced by the body in the pituitary gland. Due to it's effectiveness in blocking testosterone conversion from the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, it is extremely useful for men whose testosterone levels have become abnormally high or for the treatment of excess testosterone in women. These people generally have an excess of both dihydrotestosterone and androgens such as dihydrotestosterone. Inositol is considered to be a drug of therapeutic However, the effects of Propecia are usually reversible. Propecia for all treatment with male pattern baldness is not recommended for those with mild or moderate baldness. It should not be used for men who have been taking a combination of antidepressants, such as fluoxetine, ketorolac, lamotrigine. It is also used for men who have been taking or have been prescribed a sedative or stimulant with side-effects of excessive appetite, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, aggression, sexual dysfunction, sexual or emotional problems, increased appetite, or anxiety. Men taking Propecia for the treatment of baldness should not use these drugs together in short-term therapy. Propecia is toxic to the brain. People who take Propecia with sedatives should not take anything else if they experience side effects. Those taking Propecia with stimulants should only take Propecia within two hours after stopping any of the following: the stimulant that caused the condition; an antidepressant medication or stimulant that was prescribed for the condition. In the case of sudden discontinuation or other reason during long-term treatment of baldness, do not stop Propecia because the action of these medications stops. Propecia may have other side effects. It is not certain that Propecia will prevent the death of hair follicles or prevent the balding effect in the future. The possible side-effect rates of Propecia are: 0.1%; 3% to 4%. In the case of sudden discontinuation of Propecia for no reason or because a serious side effect occurred, discontinue Propecia but wait two to six hours and take the drug again. 5% to 6% of women take longer than two weeks to get rid of their male pattern baldness. In women who continue treatment with Propecia in addition to all other male pattern baldness medications, a significant increase in the chance that they will get balding at any time. 2% to 4% of baldness causes permanent hair loss or loss of hair shaft volume and shape (sharper/finer line, less defined area); for this reason, some people use Propecia for at least 10 years. The risk of loss of hair shaft quantity is estimated to be 10% to 40% when the progesterone drops. For female pattern baldness progesterone drops from 5.85 to 2 Propecia is a hormone stimulant which has effects on the production of testosterone and progesterone, also known as sex-hormone (SH) producing hormones for male pattern baldness and hair loss. It works via the enzyme that is involved in steroid receptors. After the initial androgenic effect of the drug starts, the drug causes a decrease of blood testosterone levels. In order to stop the initial increase in testosterone levels, a short period of abstinence is necessary. Propecia may reduce or eliminate the effects of age-related hair loss and hyperactivity, and it is a drug of therapeutic value for its use as a male sex steroid. Propecia is a drug for the treatment of male pattern baldness, and is also used to achieve hair loss in various conditions in which hormonal treatment has failed to correct the underlying cause. Side effects of Propecia The side effects of Propecia are mild to moderate in severity . There is a wide range of side effect rates, many of them benign, such as mild dizziness, slight drowsiness, and mild depression of a variety of clinical syndromes, but none are fatal. There are several reports of serious side effects in men with hair loss and the Propecia group in hair loss patients treated with a combination of steroid medications cost of propecia. There has also been controversy about the effects of oral dosage of Propecia in elderly individuals. Propecia Dosage and Administration When a person is taking Propecia for the treatment of male pattern baldness, only the main concentration of the drug can be dispensed with, called the oral dose. This concentration usually occurs about 8 hours after the start of Propecia action. Each one of Propecia pills is divided into two divided dosages, usually about 10 units to 5 units each. Side effects of Propecia There are no serious side effects in people taking Propecia, with one exception: In the elderly or the elderly with a history of serious medical condition, the use of oral Propecia can, in some instances, increase the risk of serious side effects, especially if taken when the Propecia is not being administered. Propecia Side Effects in the Infants and Children During the first 6 weeks of pregnancy and during the first 6 months of life, the major birth risk for children who have male pattern baldness is caused by increased susceptibility to hair loss. Adverse pregnancy and childbirth effects are Propecia causes irreversible hair loss and loss of quality of life. It usually occurs after 15-20 years of age. Propecia increases the male sex hormones called testosterone and progesterone and can also cause a male pattern baldness. Alopecia Nervosa – The loss of the hair in the center of the face or forehead. Alopecia Nervosa has been seen in almost 10 percent of all men. Most of these cases usually go undiagnosed. In general, the baldness seems to be caused by the loss of hair follicles, a defect caused by environmental factors as well as by a genetic condition. When it comes to renewables, there are currently more than 100,000 of them worldwide, but only about 1,500 Propecia and finasteride may be used during pregnancy and lactation. There is no data which proves if the drug causes any complications or harms in newborns or infants receiving prophylactic treatment. Since there is no information available concerning the birth defects caused by Propecia or finasteride, it should not be used for pregnant women or infants. Propecia and finasteride are not approved as an FDA-approved treatment because they are a medical device or other non-medicinal product in medicine without a medical justification. Any medical conditions or reactions to the use of Propecia or finasteride may be attributed to the use of any such medication. Propecia and finasteride are registered with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It is not known when the final approval status of Propecia and finasteride will be revoked or not be replaced. There are no long-term side effects in Propecia or finasteride. There are no serious side effects in Propecia or finasteride. There are no reports of skin irritation related to Propecia or finasteride treatment in women of child bearing age. There are no data regarding long-term adverse events or reactions with Propecia or finasteride in women, children, pets and animals. The only known serious side effect reported due to prophylactic use of Propecia or finasteride was a shortening of the hair growth due to the suppression of androgen. Propecia is effective. A dose of 60 mg should be used, as recommended, to obtain maximum effect. With a dose of 45 mg and above, Propecia may cause hair loss. There is no treatment for hair loss involving Propecia or finasteride, which is associated with a high cost, need for long recovery, and limited availability. No studies have been performed to evaluate the effect of Propecia or finasteride in women or children without prior knowledge of the side effect associated with Propecia or finasteride. Propecia and finasteride treatment is required by several organizations in the United States including the National Institute of Heterosexuality, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, National Organization for Women, and the Society of Human Pathologists Association. There are no side effects associated with Propecia or finasteride treatment for men. No long-term problems in Propecia treatment were seen in men.


We purchased CIMINFO's eTraininfo and eInfotree Excel software about 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier with the results. Aside from keeping us Part 11 compliant, both solutions have made record keeping and reporting significantly easier and time efficient which is key in a regulated environment. The technical support response is always prompt and helpful in resolving any issues we encounter with CIMINFO’s products.

Dale Smith, QA/QC Manager,

Austin Pharma/Insys Therapeutics Inc.