Secure your lab/instrument files with continuous monitoring, workflow management and Part 11 compliance.


Digitize your Paper Forms with E-Signatures


Purpose-built solution designed to help you monitor, track and manage your company's data integrity compliance status.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Store all your enterprise content in one centralized repository, with a single version of the truth.

Training Management

Paperless management of training records for improved compliance and productivity.

eInfotree Excel Desktop

Simple and effective remediation of Excel Spreadsheets for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

XLValidator Spreadsheet Validation Software

Quick and easy generation of validation documentation for your Excel spreadsheets with just a few mouse clicks.

eInfotree Access Desktop

Simple and effective remediation of Access databases for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.


  • Audit Trails and E-Signatures for Your Spreadsheets
    21 CFR Part 11 Compliance in Seconds

    Add audit trails and e-signatures to your spreadsheets in seconds using CIMCON's eInfotree Excel Desktop Software. Trusted by hundreds of regulated firms for over 20 years, eInfotree makes your spreadsheets 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Additionally, the XLValidator software helps you validate spreadsheets by automatically generating validation documents.

    The use of compliant spreadsheets are endless - as a form, a calculator, or to capture e-signatures. No more re-calculating or printing and signing paper copies!! Start your Digital Transformation Journey with spreadsheets!

    In this webinar, learn how you can achieve data integrity for your spreadsheets with just a few clicks, minimal user training, or changes to your existing process.

    Thursday, April 25, 11:00AM ET 08:00AM PT

  • Simple and Easy to Use Quality Management System
    Using a Seamless On-Premise or SaaS Solution

    Replace your paper, spreadsheet or disparate document/training processes with a single integrated system. Reap the benefits of digital transformation with electronic signatures, faster review and approvals, and a seamless training process where a new SOP revision automatically triggers new training requirements, that can be met using self-training and training assessments.

    Tuesday, April 30, 11:00AM ET 08:00AM PT

  • Achieve Lab Excellence by Optimizing Operations and Enhancing Data Integrity, Security and Compliance
    Fragmented and disparate lab applications are a major barrier to optimize operations and a significant source of data integrity issues. As such, they represent the "last mile" of Digital Transformation.

    Attend our free webinar to learn how you can achieve lab excellence by integrating all lab applications into a centralized system, implement security, automated data backups and workflows, audit trails and e-signatures, resulting in significant productivity and compliance benefits.

    Thursday, May 2, 11:00AM ET 08:00AM PT

  • Automatically Migrate Your Existing Paper Forms to Electronic
    Convert your existing paper-based forms in Word, Excel or PDF format to Part 11 compliant electronic forms automatically without having to recreate them!!
    Eliminate the effort required with printing, filling, signing and storing paper forms to realize significant time and cost savings using CIMCON's smart and Compliant Digital Transformation technology. Join us in this webinar to learn how CIMCON's Transform software can help you reap the following Additional Benefits:
     > Control data quality at point of entry with validation rules
     > Apply E-Signatures
     > Route for Review/Approval
     > Store Form Data for Searching, Reporting, Analysis and Integration
     > 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

    Thursday, May 9, 11:00AM ET 08:00AM PT

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FDA Warning Letter

"Due to this unrestricted access, there is no assurance that the formulas in the Excel spreadsheets are accurate and valid."


"Charles River Labs (CRL) has implemented and is using the eInfotree Excel Desktop for over 2 years now. eInfotree has been deployed enterprise-wide in North America and Europe, and the scope of the implementation includes 17 sites (and counting) within Charles River with nearly 7,000 eInfotree Excel desktop client installations at these sites, using a centralized server model.

eInfotree has been a valuable tool in our Digital Transformation journey helping us to make our spreadsheets 21 CFR Part 11 compliant as well as adhering to our Data Integrity plan and governance. It has saved us hours of work that was earlier spent in verifying calculations, printing the spreadsheets and applying hand signatures, and then filing and storing all the printouts. It has also helped us in our audits since our spreadsheet controls are now automated with lower potential for human error. Resolving CAPA issues is now a breeze as the eInfotree audit trail provides an immediate history and timeline of any changes made. Furthermore, Charles River have now initiated the conversion of several paper forms into Excel forms, accelerating our digital efforts towards a paperless environment, applying not only further compliance but electronic approval of forms as well, significant paper reduction and increase efficiencies in form processing, archiving and retention. Overall, we estimate that eInfotree has reduced our costs by an estimated 20% in terms of the time and effort saved, while automating our data integrity and compliance processes.

The scalability and configurability of the product has been impressive, while the professionalism and responsiveness of CIMCON’s customer service team has been exemplary. It is clear to us that at CIMCON, the entire company is highly motivated and dedicated to ensure customer success, and it is not just a slogan. We look forward to working with them in the near future, on our Digital Transformation journey and Data Integrity initiatives."

Alain Fraser,

Director, Computerized Systems Validation at Charles River Laboratories
We are a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and we implemented the SaaS based eInfotree EDMS with eTraininfo Training Module provided by CIMCON earlier this year. I cannot say enough great things about the CIMCON Team. The team has been exceptional with maintaining frequent communication with our company for any questions we may have. CIMCON has also been very proactive in developing new features to fit our business-specific requirements and in an agreeable amount of time. I was impressed with the post implementation support that we received for any issues that arose after we went into production. Our issues were resolved in most cases over the phone. Our recent software upgrade went smoothly, thanks to the CIMCON team going into thorough detail about the changes we can expect to see.

The software has reaped us great benefits since its implementation. We have been extremely satisfied with the product, and have noticed a quicker streamlined process from the initiation of procedures to the subsequent training, in contrast to the manual process that we used before. The addition, the eTraininfo Training Module allows the training department to seamlessly transition a document from approval into training for all the affected users. The flexibility of the configurations to adapt to our company allowed us to rollout the system much quicker than expected without having to change our work processes. We were delighted that CIMCON offered the SaaS hosted service in contrast to supplying any on-premise hardware expenses that would’ve decelerated the implementation process. This technology also negated the need for capital expenses for the company so we were able to see a quicker ROI on the product.

I can say that this is certainly one of the most customer-driven companies that I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I am excited to see what solutions the company will provide to us in years to come.

Quality Systems Specialist,

Pharmaceutical Company
We purchased CIMCON's eTraininfo and eInfotree Excel software about 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier with the results. Aside from keeping us Part 11 compliant, both solutions have made record keeping and reporting significantly easier and time efficient which is key in a regulated environment. The technical support response is always prompt and helpful in resolving any issues we encounter with CIMCON’s products.

Dale Smith, QA/QC Manager,

Austin Pharma/Insys Therapeutics Inc.