Legacy Lab Applications

A Lab environment usually consists of numerous lab/instrument software applications that often have the following characteristics:

  • There is no security or login to the software application.
  • There is no security of the data files generated by the lab instrument.
  • The data files are not backed up, or if they are, not backed up in real-time causing potential for alteration or change.
  • End-Users have full Administrator access to the Windows folder allowing data to be copied, renamed, and deleted.

Without a centralized control and reporting system, it is challenging to overcome these problems and secure the instruments and the software and make them Part 11 compliant. This is due to several reasons:

  • A 21 CFR Part 11 compliant version of the software may not be available as that is not an important market for the instrument supplier.
  • Even if an upgrade is available, it may be time consuming and costly. Plus, there are costs of re-validating the new version.
  • Several other controls still need to be established outside a specific system e.g. access to the desktop, data files, and backups.

Not surprisingly, lab systems/applications are a frequent source of FDA warning letters.


CIMCON’s LabMonitor provides a Centralized Lab Management System that overcomes all of these issues.

Security: LabMonitor secures one or multiple lab applications so that only authorized persons can access the application or make changes.

Data Files: LabMonitor continuously monitors the data files, and backs them up immediately when they are created. Users do not have access to access or edit the data files.

Audit Trail: An audit trail of all user actions, data changes and activity is maintained.

Backups: Backup your files centrally to a secure repository and apply record retention rules.

Electronic Signatures: Signoff on lab reports and other data electronically.

Workflow Designer: Make reviews and approvals quick and easy using a built-in workflow designer.

Part 11 Compliance: Bring one or multiple lab applications into compliance with this compliance wrapper.

Centralized System: LabMonitor allows you to manage any no. of applications at once with a centralized user interface.

Complete Lab System: Manage your lab instructions and procedures, instrument manuals and other forms using LabMonitor.