EUC Insight Link Fixer

End User Computing (EUC) files and content such as Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Drawing files and scripts are frequently linked to other files and/or location dependent data sources. When this content is moved to a Cloud Platform, these data links can break and cause significant business disruption. Because these files represent a small fraction of everything that is to be migrated, identifying them can be difficult. The EUC Insight software automates this data migration by not only identifying the files that can cause link issues, but also fixing the broken links. Best of all, EUC Insight can be used either before or after the Cloud migration.

  • Perform a Fast Scan to quickly gain high level insights into your Migration landscape. Categorize data by file type, risk level or other policies.
  • Create an enterprise data flow / lineage map.
  • Identify files with link issues, and fix them using the Server or End User version of the EUC Insight Link Fixer application.
  • All data is stored in a SQL database for ease of integration and reporting.
  • View Validation Reports to ensure accuracy and completion.
EUC Insight Link Fixer Server Version
  • Ideal as part of a centralized data migration project, this performs data categorization and identifies all link issues before or after migration to Cloud. The links are then fixed using a server based application. Validation reports can be run to ensure accuracy. No software installation is required on the file servers or user desktops.
EUC Insight Link Fixer End User Version
  • Each folder is assigned an Owner. Each owner is then shown a dashboard listing both relative and absolute links. They can then update the target destination paths before the links are fixed. Ideal when file owners want to be involved in the process and are accountable. This is a desktop tool that must be installed on each owner’s desktop.