Access Database To Web Conversion

Organizations have invested significant time, money and effort in developing Microsoft Access databases that perform critical business functions. However, lacking the reliability, security and performance of an enterprise application, these databases are slowly but surely falling into the realm of legacy IT applications. Hence, many firms are looking to replace them with web-based Managed Applications that can be centrally managed and updated.

With 25 years of experience and the largest client base of 500 clients in 30 countries, CIMCON Software is a recognized market leader in End User Computing (EUC) Management, and has developed specialized expertise in migrating Access databases to web-based managed applications. Our library of software tools and experience allows each Access database to be migrated in the most efficient and optimal manner possible.

  • Ease of use by the end users – a browser is all that is needed to access the application on multiple devices.
  • Easy to manage – Integrate with Active Directory with single sign-on; eliminate desktop installs and frequent Office updates.
  • Enterprise security, scalability, performance and backups using a robust SQL database.
  • Cloud ready – move to Cloud at any time.
Web-Based Application
  • Users can access the application using a web-browser; a desktop installation is not required on every user’s desktop.
Robust Database
  • Data can be stored in a robust SQL database, which is designed for enterprise reliability, security and performance.
Active Directory Integration
  • The Managed Application can integrate with Active Directory automating the task of user and account management.
Reporting and Analytics
  • A variety of reporting and analytic tools can be used with SQL increasing the value of the data and its insights.
Cloud Ready
  • A Web Application is Cloud-ready, and can be hosted on the Cloud either today or in the future without any modifications.
Ease of Maintenance
  • A Web Application is easier to maintain, there are no desktop installs to manage. Version upgrades can be applied easily on the server. Frequent Office updates become a thing of the past!
Data Backups
  • Database backups can be part of the overall enterprise IT backups, making them more secure, reliable and part of the overall IT infrastructure.
  • Eliminate the workgroup file! Security and user access roles can be managed from the web application itself.