EUC Insight Discovery

Inventory, Risk Assessment & Enterprise Data Lineage

The use of spreadsheets, models, Access databases, Python, R, SQL, SAS scripts, RPA scripts, and other File tools continues to proliferate rapidly. File errors can lead to business losses, regulatory penalties and reputational damages that can run into hundreds of millions of dollars. File Insight Discovery scans your network to automatically create an inventory of high-risk files, identify errors, and generate an enterprise data lineage map.

Quickly gain high-level insight into your files with a fast scan

EUCI Discovery scans networks drives, user drives, and document management systems (SharePoint, Documentum, Box, Office 365, etc.) to give you reports on your file types, age, and size.

Identify errors & PII/PCI in files with automated risk assessment

EUCI Discovery further scans your files for complexity, and whether or not they contain any errors or sensitive information. It can also integrate with data classification applications to report on files that have or have not been tagged.

Gain visual insight into enterprise data flows & lineage

Links between files are common but these links are a risk to your business, if they are broken, stale, point to the wrong location, and need updates. EUCI Discovery scans for all links (upstream & downstream) and provides a visualization of linked files. Reports can also identify files with links that will break if migrated to cloud storage.

File Disposition Service (Add-On Feature)

After scanning your files, you may want to disposition them as well to get rid of millions , or even billions of files that are outdated and do not require active storage or management. Unneeded files continue to consume valuable I.T. infrastructure, effort and costs in storage, virus protection, backups and performance. EUC Insight offers an optional File Disposition service that performs automated dispositioning of files based on a rule-based engine/policies that you can define. For more information, click here.

Link Fixer Service (Add-On Feature)

When moving files to the Cloud, links to other files and data sources can often break thus invalidating the file outputs. EUC Insight offers an optional Link Fixer Service that can automatically detect these links, and then fix them either before or after migration. For more information, click here.

Fast Scan
  • Scan millions of files per hour for a high-level overview of your file landscape.

  • Identify files with errors, broken links, and hidden information.

Automated Risk Assessment
  • Configurable risk algorithm based on complexity, materiality and other attributes.

Policy Compliance
  • Make policy compliance easier with user-defined fields and a built-in criticality assessment form.

Enterprise Lineage Map
  • FileLinkā„¢ technology visually displays how files are linked to each other & to enterprise databases.

  • Detect credit card or social security numbers and other sensitive information (PCI,PII,PHI).

Content Migration
  • Before Moving Excel Files to cloud storage, scan them to identify the links that will break and cause errors.

VBA/Macro Search
  • Find hard coded passwords and other sensitive keywords in VBA code and macros.

Overcoming 4 Challenges to the Use of GxP Compliant Spreadsheets

Today, spreadsheets are commonly used throughout the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and other FDA-regulated industries. Spreadsheets are considered systems and when they impact data that affects product identity, strength, purity and safety, they must be validated and controlled. The purpose of this White Paper is to review the solution to four (4) common challenges when using spreadsheets to meet GxP quality requirements.