eCADinfo – Engineering Data Management System

Developed specifically for the life sciences industry, eCADinfo is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant engineering data management system designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency, productivity and compliance in FDA-regulated environments.

eCADinfo stores engineering data in a wide variety of formats that include engineering drawings, equipment/system specification databases, web links to supplier sites, spreadsheets containing device parameter data, procedures, manuals, and shop sketches. The system allows you to organize this data in a structured hierarchy of meaningful information that best meets your existing business processes. The rich graphical user interface provides a wealth of information at a glance for ease of system maintenance and control.

Engineering data management features include version control, collaboration, change management, standardization and a 21 CFR 11 compliant Excel spreadsheet environment. AutoCAD drawing management features include file comparisons, automatic drawing data extraction, redlining, search, reference file capabilities, and configurable workflows for drawing approvals.

  • Automate engineering data management for improved efficiency, productivity and compliance.
  • Access all engineering data at a glance including engineering drawings, equipment/system specification databases, web links to supplier sites, spreadsheets containing device parameter data, procedures, manuals, and shop sketches.
  • Manage AutoCAD drawings using a secure and controlled File Vault with Version Control and configurable Version Labeling. Full AutoCAD integration assures minimal impact on existing processes.
  • Compare drawings using AutoCAD Drawing Comparison, Image Comparison and Data Comparison tools. Compare changes to drawing blocks, layers and attributes between any two drawing versions.
  • Improve existing processes using automated tools such as drawing data extraction, redlining, search, display, print and reference file capabilities.
  • Add 21 CFR Part 11 controls to existing Excel spreadsheets used to store engineering parameters.
  • Improve teamwork with Collaboration and Change Management features.
  • Organize data in a configurable hierarchy of meaningful information that meets your existing business processes.
  • Apply configurable workflows for electronic review and approval of drawings.
  • Comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP requirements for data security, control and accountability.
  • Reduce validation costs using an available validation package.
Drawing Display & Print Options
  • Preview drawings directly in eCADinfo
  • Multiple Viewing and Zoom options
  • Print drawings directly from eCADinfo
  • View drawing attributes, blocks and layer information
  • View files in native application if desired

Red Line Drawings
  • Redline drawings and save redlined versions. Redlined versions are archived and saved in the File Vault for record keeping.

Extraction of Drawing Data
  • Extract AutoCAD drawing data such as blocks, layers and attributes into eCADinfo database tables, allowing eCADinfo search, querying and reporting tools to be used on this data. Create a searchable index of drawings to locate drawings from title block information using keywords such as drawing titles, author, drawing type and equipment/system.

Referenced Drawings (X-Ref)
  • Automatic detection of referenced drawings with options for automatic check in and check out for all referenced drawings.
  • Ability to extract block, layer and attribute drawing information from referenced drawings in addition to the main drawing.

Workflow and Electronic Approvals
  • Design serial and parallel workflows using a drag and drop graphical Workflow Designer. Route drawings for electronic review and approvals with task escalation, drag and drop task delegation, notification and reporting options.

  • Create notifications to selected users and groups based on configurable time periods, data objects and events.

  • Perform full text search on Autocad drawings and other files stored in the File Vault.
  • Run keyword searches and ad hoc queries on drawing information such as blocks, attributes and layers using arithmetical and logical operators.

  • Export drawing data such as blocks, layers and attributes to multiple formats such as Excel, CSV and XML.

Engineering Data Types
  • Supports a wide variety of engineering data types including version-controlled files, non-version controlled files, data bases, folders and web links.

Configurable Organization of Data
  • Organize data in a user configurable hierarchy that is most meaningful to you and meets your existing business processes.

Database Management
  • Create fully configurable databases to store instrument, equipment or system specifications. Create Preferred Lists of standard parts for reduced data entry and standardization.

File Vault
  • Engineering drawings and other files are stored in the system’s secure File Vault with Version Control, Configurable Version Numbering and Check In/Check Out features. Assign automatic version label templates based on folders/drawing types. Archive all previous versions of drawings and prevent modifications to the same file by more than one user.

Change Management


  • Visualize object relationships to predict the impact of engineering changes. Relate engineering drawings, procedures and equipment/instrument specifications to visualize the impact of change in one object to all other objects.

Maintenance/Change Logs:

  • Create any number of maintenance/change logs. Create one change log for files and another for specification data.

Standardization – The Basis For Quality
  • Create standardized engineering templates. Comprised of a hierarchical collection of databases, files and web links, templates can represent equipment/system types such as an autoclave. Templates allow ease of data entry, user training, data access and change management.


Securely share the engineering database repository between various engineering groups and external suppliers within a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data architecture.

Discussion Groups:

  • Create threaded discussion groups organized by topic.


  • Attach comments to engineering data objects using free text notes. Pass on instructions and relevant information between shifts and operating personnel.


Keyword Search:

  • Search Database Records, Maintenance/Change Logs, Notes and Discussions using keywords.

Query Builder:

  • Run ad hoc queries on database objects and audit trail/e-signature logs using arithmetical and logical operators. Filter information based on Action, Object, User Name and Date Interval.

Full text Search:

  • Perform a full text search of all files in the File Vault.

Application Interfaces
  • Import/Export data from popular applications such as Microsoft Excel. Integrate with existing systems such as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), ERP, MES, and LIMS.

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